The Oasis Worship & Creative Arts Team is a Community of Worshiping Artists whose Purpose is to be an Authentic Expression of the Heart & Presence of God.  `

The Heartbeat of the OWAT Team is to Honor God and Serve the Oasis Community through Innovative Worship Expressions that create Transformational Moments in People’s Lives.  We believe the Arts are a Gift from God to Honor Him and reflect His Love for Others.

We offer a variety of Opportunities for every Age Group, all Skill Levels and would be thrilled to Connect you to Serve on a Team and develop your Gifts in Expressions of Love through Worship & Creative Arts.

Band & Vocals

The Worship Band combines Skillful Mastery with Passion for Worship and Leading Others into the Presence of God. We offer a variety of Opportunities for every Age Group and Skill Level. We would love to get you Connected to Serve on the Team. 

Production Team

The Production Team is one of the fastest Growing and Exciting Areas of Worship & Creative Arts. It is also one of the most Spiritually Impacting Ministries. By providing World-Class Sound, Video, and Lighting Support to the Music, Dance, Drama and Teaching Aspects of the Weekend Services. We Share in the Blessings of Seeing Lives changed at Oasis.

The Production Team is responsible for both the Media and Technical Elements of Oasis’ Services, from Creating the Videos you see on Screen, Sets and Props you see on Stage, the Sound of the Band, to the look of the Lights and the Direction of Stage and Service Transitions. They also Facilitate Video Live-Streaming and Audio Recording of Oasis Services.

Whether you are Highly Trained or an Interested Novice, there is a place for you. 

Data & Lighting

This Technical Team serves a Vital Role in the Services & Special Events by enhancing the atmosphere, complementing the flow of the Holy Spirit as we Worship the Lord.

Drama Team

The Drama Team has a place for you! We perform Quality Drama that encourages Introspection, Entertains and Communicates the Love of God to People. Come and Express your Creative Self with us!

Dance Team

The Heartbeat of Dance is to Honor God, Exalting Him while Serving His People through Innovative Worship Expressions that Touch the Hearts of the People bringing Transformation in their Lives.

The Dance Team brings together of all Levels and Styles. 

Admin Team

Administration makes it all come together.  Admins helps Grease the Wheels of oWAT, Organizing, Prepping, and Administrating the Entire Worship Arts Program!  Our Heart is to Facilitate the Vision of Oasis through Faithful Service.  

For more info about Worship & Creative Arts  e-mail: